A tribute to our great Helmut from Artsy

It's been a great deal of time since the last post has set its feet here, unfortunately:) I guess daily family commitments take their toll....

anyway, Matt from Artsy kindly asked me to post about their tribute to "our" well known Helmut Newton
I could never refuse such a request-after all, it is about Helmie :)  (click on the photo)

Fact is, whenever I look at any of his works it makes me smile, sometimes even laugh:) The Artsy team has done a great job in collecting his works, bio, exhibitions etc., take a look!
Speaking about Mr.Newton, I also warmly recommend to read his autobiography, you will laugh for sure, a lot! I have read his autobiography at least twice full-length, and excerpts on many, many occasions. I still need to figure out how much and which parts of the autobiography are genuine and how much is "bullshit". On the other hand, it really doesn't matter much to me, because something is certain; Helmut was a great, magnificent storyteller, and he was (to me) equally proficient with the typewriter as he was with a camera.
rest in peace, Helmut