Aurelien Heilbronn's Portfolio

Dear Readers,
Things on the film horizon are definitely getting better, since many young people in their early 20s are getting into the analog world. As a proof, we host (after a long hibernation) Aurelien, a young talented photographer/filmmaker.

Born and raised in Paris, he moved to New York in 2012 and then to L.A. He is a young director, doing music videos, commercial s and shorts but with the firm intention to direct features one day. He started doing film photography only two years ago, after borrowing a film camera from a friend –then, he got hooked on it.
While he's been taking photos for practically all his life, without thoughts to make a living from it, but from a sheer joy. He is also a firm believer (as I am) thet the eye, photography-wise, can be trained to the lens-so it's not only a matter of inspiration, but also a matter of discipline and hard work. Being a self-taught photographer, he wasn't bound to obey some rules as too many people do. He prefers photography to filmmaking when it comes to work »lean«-no need for a crew, a significant budget and other paraphernalia.
He deliberately chose analog photography because he wants to make every single shot to count, in contrast with so (too) many, countless phone-made photos, shot every second. Aurelien's work can be seen on his website. Enjoy his photos! 

All photos copyright: Aurelien Heilbronn