Portfolio of the Week: 4Spo

Dear Readers,
We have moved back to Germany and feature another great photographer from this great country, 4Spo. Of course, 4Spo is not his real name, as he wanted to preserve his privacy, but that's his username on Flickr. And that's OK, we respect your privacy-it's your work that counts. He is with no doubt a modest guy, even though his work tells another story, and he mainly defines himself as a fan of Peter Lindbergh.  No doubt he is a die-hard guy as well! After a few years, he happily came back to film, using the many fine cameras in his possession: Leica, Plaubel, Hasselblad, Nikon etc. He has no particular preferences for film brand or type, but he likes very much expired film for its unpredictability and the effects it gives. Possibly with the lens wide open-another bokeh fetishist, I would say. He states that he likes the subtle eroticism in photography, with a nice bokeh, with the great help of film medium. And he obviously makes his job right! Also in the fashion/editorial field.  Enjoy his work! 4Spo's work can be found of Flickr on his website, along with his colleague work.

All photos copyright: 4Spo

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