Tiziana Gualano's Portfolio

Dear Readers,
it is always so enchanting to discover young people who started to do film photography from scratch. As is the case of Tiziana, she found in film  photography a way to express herself, and a way to establish contancts with many of them. And it brings her own way to see the world around. Tiziana is from south of Italy, where light has some specific charm. Since she's only in her early 20s, we can only imagine how long and adventurous her photographic voyage will be!
She uses mostly film cameras (zenit ET, zenit 122, zenit 12xp, kodak 35MD point&shoot and a polaroid), besides a DSLR, but film cameras are her love no.1. As for films used, she gets them from both Kodak and Fuji. She doesn't use an exposure meter and it seems she doesn't need one J  Last but not least , she gets inspired by a single day, every day,  from what she sees. Otherwise, Vincent Gallo's or Gus Van Sant movies are  her source of inspiration, or even  John Frusciante for the music.
Tiziana's photostreams can be found on Flickr and Tumblr.

All photos copyright: Tiziana Gualano