Portfolio of the Week: Gaston Torres

Dear Readers,
This week we move to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to meet another one-of-a-kind photographer, Gaston Torres.  First, I must state something about his person: as I found out during our correspondence, he is an exceptionally cooperative and kind person (well, all photographers so far have been so, not to be mistaken), in his very own way. He is primarily a 35 mm fashion photographer, using different cameras and mostly color neg film, even for many of his commercial assignments and editorials. His talent is instantly obvious, once you see his work, as he is capable of handling both very complex and also very simple photo setups. By simple I don't think it as a diminutive, on the contrary. And especially in those »simple« (film) photo shoots I think he really excels in. He did a very good job on the  recognizability of his style, although I am having a hard time how to clearly define his style.....since his photos emanate quite some ambiguity. After a long thought, however, I think the best way to describe Gaston's style is a »an elegant mix of Terry Richardson and Nobuyoshi Araki, with a pinch of Helmut Newton«. I openly invite you to visit Gaston's work on his website and on his photostream on Flickr.

 All photos copyright: Gaston Torres

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