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"The fact is I could state and support the statement my frames are never tilted. You see, choosing the horizon line, the horizontal edge as a point of reference, is arbitrary. You can use a vertical edge just as arbitrarily."   Garry Winogrand


When digital comes to help film shooters

We certainly live in a weird era of humankind...while many of us, analog photographers mourn the "old good days" when you could get all the photo materials one could ask (including the revered Kodachrome), there are some good things in being dived into the digital age. Even for "pure" analog lovers. Sometimes, digital gadgets just come in handy for the analog world as well. Oriol Garcia kindly asked me for the opinion about his new iPhone application (PhotoExif) he wrote. The application is intended to store EXIF and GPS data  of analog shots which can then be useful later when these shots are digitized. While not being an iPhone user myself, I can hardly comment the whole thing  per se, but I like the idea...