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The Caffenol Cookbook

Caffenol, in all its variants, has no doubt became a venerable contemporary film developer. Not only because it uses only widely available, non-toxic components, but also because it gives good results with many BW films. So it's no surprise so many analog photographers adopted caffenol (in one or a few variants) as their developer of choice. By the end of last year, 8 photographers issued a  fantastic (albeit only online) Caffenol Cookbook Bible. It's not only a collection of developer recipes, there's also a brief portfolio from each of those photographers. Among them, there's also Martina Woll, who has been featured on TAP some months ago. Enjoy the Cookbook!


PhotoKlassik: a new Analog Magazine on the Block!

Thomas Maschke (the editor) kindly asked me to post the notification about their new analog photo magazine, namely PhotoKlassik, on our site. How could I ever refuse such a proposal! PhotoKlassik, for now, comes only in printed form, and in German language. Anyway, those of you dear Readers who speak German (and there are so many German visitors on our blog, at least 30%) can be glad to have another quality publication in our realm. For the others, we can just hope an English version will follow soon. And maybe also a web version (or at least the excerpts). I just wish to the PhotoKlassik team to keep the good work going on!