Portfolio of the Week: Jens Taube

Dear Readers,
we still stay in the same country and this week we feature another photographer from Germany, Jens Taube. Interestingly, Jens' photographic journey has some similarities to Marc's path, the photographer we featured last week. The portfolio Jens sent us is quite compact and concise, as you can see. But nevertheless, it includes all the »substance« he aims for in his photographic endeavours. Jens is working primarily in medium format, with different Rollei cameras (SL66 and 6006), and in black and white. Besides the best technical combination in my view (6x6 and BW film), I was attracted by Jens' photos also because they have some particular kind of inherent emotional charge.
Here it is how he describes his path:
»Long before I started to photo-portray people, it fascinated me, how many different facets and how many different feelings a face can express. Or the gesture of a human hand. I took pictures I found in magazines or photo books as a drawing pattern as they gave me the chance to study frozen moments. Then in 2006 I exchange the drawing pencil for a DSLR. I wanted to create my own pictures instead of copying what others had seen and captured.
Two years later I made the step from the digital tool to classic black and white analogue photography.
Emotion is the subject that I focus on, more than on beauty and grace. Whenever I create pictures with someone, I encourage this person to listen carefully to their own insides. I show interest on which mood they encounter being at this particular place, in this particular hour. And that is the moment, when the face in front of my camera changes, when it convinces me to be honest and authentic, when it radiates another side of “beauty”. That is the moment that I long for when I portray.«
Jens described very well the very essence of his work and I think he succeeded very well in accomplishing his very own style. Bravo, maestro!
Jens' work can be found on Flickr and on his own website. Enjoy his work!

All photos copyright: Jens Taube


  1. Yes, I like his other sides of beauty already for years.

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